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About Bishop Garraway
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The spiritual fountain from which you feed is preparing you to live or die; to struggle or dominate.

About Bishop Garvin C. S. Garaway

Bishop Garvin Garraway is the founder and senior pastor of Glory Church Inc., an emerging Apostolic Centre in St. James, Trinidad & Tobago. He is a graduate of Fatima College, Port-of-Spain; Faith Revival Ministries Advanced Ministry Training School and a former member of the Trinidad & Tobago Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. He began his Christian life amongst the Wesleyan Holiness denomination at 17 years of age and has a reliable reputation as a revelatory teacher and prophet. Bishop Garraway has been pastoring since 1988 during which time he has hosted many conferences for the benefit of the Body of Christ in Trinidad & Tobago.

Bishop Garraway has developed a tremendous reputation for insight into the harsh realities of marriage and family life as they pertain to the Caribbean situation. He has counseled hundreds of couples and individuals as an adjunct to his radio ministry. Previously he hosted a radio program, Family Fervour, and a radio and television program, The Winds of Change. Currently, he is the host of Money In Motion (A Nation Within A Nation) a weekly radio program on 107.1 FM The Word.

Bishop Garraway has ministered extensively in his own island amongst the Pentecostals, Nazarenes, Open Bible, Spiritual and American Baptists, and scores of non-denominational churches. As a matter of fact, in 1996 he ministered on 99 occasions in an 11-month period. He is a reproducing prophet having hosted The Prophetic Incubator where saints and ministers are taught and activated in the Gifts of the Spirit. He also designed the Marriages Made In Heaven Institute for the development of marital counselors and the undergirding of couples from all walks of life, from a Biblical perspective. He gives oversight to churches locally and in the U.S.A.
Bishop Garraway has visited 24 countries on four continents. Ministry and life have taken him across the globe to Antigua, Australia, Barbados, Belize, Botswana, Brazil, Canada, Curacao, England, Fiji Islands, Germany, Grenada Guyana, Mexico, Morocco, Paraguay, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Thomas, South Africa, Spain, Swaziland, Venezuela and the United States of America.

God has given him the privilege to interact with and minister to some of the political leadership of his island. He has hosted probably the only gathering of Christian politicians from every political party of this twin-island state. Bishop Garraway was honored to host at his Church in 1997 and 1999 respectively, Prince Hampel of the Ashanti and Speaker of the House of Assembly His Royal Highness Prince Guduza Dlamini, brother to the present King of Swaziland.

Since 1999, Bishop Garraway has carried a divine mandate to cause wealth transfer into the hands of the people of the Kingdom of God and to ensure the prosperity of the House and Servants of GOD. He is burdened to see real change on the earth, resulting in the improvement of life among the people of GOD and his island republic. To this end, he teaches a practical and caring Christianity.


Developing people and nations by teaching leaders wisdom.

Sometimes, your relationship with God will carry seasons of obscurity where God allows none to see or care for you, but Him.
Bishop Garvin Garraway



Ashley Estrada Ministries

Global Leadership Conference

July 12th - 16th 2021
Kissimmee, FL

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